So Many Plus Size Options, So Why Shop Curvy Sense?

We're not in the business of telling you what to do, but we're also not in the business of jumping on bandwagons, like some of these other brands. 

There's no denying that plus size clothing options are increasing by the day - great! - or is it? The more we see these brands add 1x through 3 or 4x options, the more it seems like full figured bodies have become a trend, and you know what happens with trends don't you? They end. 

The fact of the matter is that "big boned" women have been around forever and always. We were worshiped as goddesses and queens in the past, our figures symbolic of The Good Life. Somewhere down the line, the praise turned to shame and we got stuck in that rut. We're definitely on our way out of the hole, but it seems that some brands are seeing this as an opportunity to make more money, instead of a genuine moment to cater to a new audience. Not to mention they could've been making that money from the jump if they had thought of us, instead of ostracized us from their brand.

What I'm trying to say is I want you to enjoy your new choices in hip, stylish, plus size items, but be wary of those rushing through productions to create more, more, MORE! Instead of thinking about quality, fit, and, ultimately, you.

So why shop Curvy Sense? Because we do care! We started as a plus size brand, and have dedicated our everyday operations to making sure our clothes are fit on actual plus size bodies *gasp*, sometimes 3-4 times, just to make sure that it's perfect. We carefully select our fabrics to ensure durability and comfort. Our styles match what's on-trend so you don't have to wait for the skinny girls to be done with it, and then get hand-me-downs. We take in to consideration the visibility of Spanx, the structure of larger strapless bras, and that you want to be sexy too. In short, our mission is not quantity, but rather quality.

We're not perfect, and won't pretend to be, but our hearts go in to every piece we make on site, and serious consideration goes in to the pieces we purchase and offer to you. We hope you enjoy your goodies, that we'll become a staple in your wardrobe, but more substantial, that you feel the love we put in to it.

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  • Hiral

    So beautiful clothes in plus size

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