Q & A With Korean #CurvySenseDoll Jin Baek

Allow us to introduce you to South Korean influencer, and English Teacher, Jin Baek aka @linglingherroo. We discovered her on IG and knew we just had to see her in some of our clothes, and hear her story about being a plus size, body positive, influencer, in Korea.


CS: What's it like being a curvy girl in South Korea?

JB: Absolutely uncomfortable and inconvenient because of the idealized size and body! 

CS: Do you feel like the body positivity movement is spreading in to South Korea, or do you have a long way to go still?

JB: I do not. I only see the body positivity on Instagram, but in real life [in Korea] we still have a very long way to go. People still judge others based on their size and don’t mind staring at curvy people in public.

CS: How was your experience growing up? Were you a chubby kid, or did your curves set in as an adult?

JB: I was always the tall ‘fat’ girl in my childhood. I experienced a lot of discrimination just because I was curvy. (Korea might be one of the worst countries to live as a chubby girl!) I didn’t let it hurt my confidence though, because I always tried to develop better qualities, and be more than my so called “fat” body. Then I moved to LA for college, and that’s when everything changed in my life, I was loved for being curvy! What a blessing :)




CS: How is shopping for your body shape in South Korea?

JB: Very, very inconvenient. I can only shop at H&M or Forever21. Korean brands don’t have my size. (I wear 14) My shoe size is 8, which is also considered big. Everything in Korea is so tiny!

CS: What do your family and friends think about your Instagram?

JB: My family is very supportive. My mom sometimes helps me take good pictures haha! My friends seemed to worry about the little bit of nudity in my pictures, but they love my confidence. I honestly don’t really care what they think about my Instagram though haha! 


CS: How do you feel about our brand now that you've tried Curvy Sense on?

JB: It took only a few days for the outfits to get here. At first I was so impressed by the quick international shipping! As I tried them on, I felt very comfortable and sexy in them. I absolutely love the outfits from Curvy Sense! Thank you.

CS: Anything else you'd like to add about your experience as a plus size beauty in your country/growing up/in your day to day life? 

JB: If you ever worry about how others think of your size, don’t! I’m not going to live a boring life because of a few narrow minded people. And you shouldn’t either. 

Thanks for sharing your story, and words of advice with us Jin. Make sure you follow this doll, and you can shop her looks by clicking on her photos and use her discount code for 15% off: JINN15


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    What a beautiful young lady! God bless! You’re rockin’ that Curvy Sense!! Fierce!

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    She is beautiful I would love it u seen .my pic as a plus size also

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