Plus Size Vlogger Sarah Rae Reviews Curvy Sense

Nothing like a good haul video to give you a better idea of a company's fit and quality! We're so grateful when bloggers review our clothes, and one of the latest ones was such a hit, we had to share it. Check out Sarah Rae of Ravings By Rae review a handful of our styles:



  • Michele Rota

    Returns are so difficult, you have to get your own shipping label and pay for it they wont reimburse you for it where most sites give free shipping on returns. Not only that you can’t be refunded you get a store credit only. So now this cost me an extra $13 on top of what I already spent and am forced to buy items that I do not want. Never will I recommend or shop here again!

  • Michelle L.

    I used to be on your email list, for several months, then suddenly was taken OFF your email list. I have sent repeated requests to be put back on but then I guess if I don’t buy anything in a certain amount of time, I don’t get to be on the email list now do I? How inconsiderate of you, frankly. I guess in today’s difficult economic times, you can quite obviously afford to pick and choose who you want to have as customers.

  • Teeresa

    I love the dress with the flowers how much is it and is it stell available

  • Rae Vuna

    Pls sent a catalog, beautiful dresses etc…

  • Mari

    Hola. Me fasina tu ropa…pero no veo precio o no entiendo como es y si tiene mas estilo de ropa ..gracias

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