's Curvy Sense Plus Size Dress Post

When Natalie wrote to us telling us how great this dress fit her, we were excited to see, but I don't think we were ready, cause damn!! She looks amazing! 

We like to think we know what we're doing over here, but reading her rave review of us (which you can check out HERE!) just really makes it all worth it. We care about plus size women and making sure you feel comfortable, chic, and sexy in our clothes - looks like we hit the mark!

She's got a couple more goodies to show you as she vacations in Miami, so make sure you stay tuned this month! We can't wait to see how she styles them!


  • Melissa French

    PLUS SIZE BOUTIQUE. Here we sell cute trendy affordable clothes! We have a great staff on hand to be more than happy to help you! Visit us at @

  • Danjuella Stephens

    Your clothing is just what I’m looking for?

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