Curvy Sense Doll Profile - Hodaya: From Israel, With [Body] Love

Imagine praying to not put on weight because you know you couldn't endure the bullying that your peers bestow on your plus size classmates? For some of us, that's actually not too far off from our experiences growing up, but it's actually our growth from that habit, or whether we let it restrict us, that sets us apart. For Hodaya, becoming plus size, at age 12, in Israel was more than tough as she dreaded the bullying, odd looks, and assumptions that she was unhealthy or sick. But now, she's determined to let other women in Israel know it's fine, and even wonderful, to rock your curves proudly.

New to the plus size YouTube/Vlogger realm, Hodaya aka Hodiva, is putting her face and voice out there to advocate for new standards of beauty in Israel, and the world. Her goal - to accomplish what the media is failing to do, and show women that beauty is within us all.  Much like the rest of the world, she says in Israel you are only considered beautiful if you are, "white, blonde, blue eyed, and skinny... there is no place for 'abnormal' beauty."

She's hoping that the blogging can transform in to her career, an ideal career for her. She's always wanted to work for herself, and now that she's found a platform to advocate for she's even more determined. Hodaya is positively pleased at the prospect of earning a living by, "doing good in this world." She dreams of changing people's lives and making the world a happier place.

While she's transitioned to life in the US, Hodaya is still getting acclimated to the cultural differences, particularly regarding plus size fashion. Most surprising to her about the US fashion industry, versus that of Israel: 

"Here I am capable of entering every kind of mall/store/website and find clothes!! In Israel I had to go to special places and even there you don’t always find clothes in your size. The prices here are very affordable... In Israel if it’s plus – it will probably be expensive. The last thing is the trendy, young and not apologetic style of the U.S plus size clothing! Plus size women here are not afraid to show off their body and curves. In Israel most plus size women are ashamed and feel like they should hide their figure, and that is why most of the plus size brands in Israel only sell conservative and modest clothing."

Hopefully some differences she can encourage the women of Israel to embrace! And to help her she's got Curvy Sense by her side.

Hodaya says her only regret about us is that we weren't around when she was a teenager! (Sorry girly!) We're a brand she trusts, and is happy she can share with her Israeli plus size followers, since we ship worldwide. Here's what she had to say about us:

"I love the fact that all of your clothes are flattering to our curves; that your designs are trendy and full of style, just like it’s supposed to be! Just because I’m a plus size woman does not mean that I do not want to wear the latest trends from the runway… The fact that your prices are affordable for every one and of curse, the high quality of your clothes – what else could I wish for?"

 Stick with us girly, we like your style too!

Be sure to keep up with Hodaya as she works towards changing society's beauty standards, and making Israel a more size inclusive community. You can follow her on IG here: @ho_diva, her YouTube here: Ho-Diva, and her Facebook here: Ho-Diva


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