The Woman Behind Curvy, Introducing Keisha Holmes

When she got let go from Forever 21, Keisha Holmes could not predict that she would lead a small start-up plus-size clothing into multi-million dollar fashion brand within a two years, but that's exactly what she's done with Curvy Sense. With 25 years of experience in the fashion world spanning from lingerie at Frederick's of Hollywood, to retail at National Stores, and Torrid she wanted to bring her experience and create something, from the ground up, for women that look like her. When a clothing manufacturer she had purchased from in her past position approached her about spearheading a plus size brand and e-commerce company, it seemed that her stars had finally aligned.



A SoCal native, Keisha stumbled in to the fashion realm after a classic summer job in retail. With a new found passion for fashion, she dedicated her life to this industry. After working for other people and executing their visions, she was brought on at Curvy Sense's conception to lead the way in merchandising. For the past two years, she's been committed to providing quality plus size clothes, that are on trend, and affordable - with something for every type of woman. 


"It helps to come from the customer’s perspective because I am SHE. When we’re fitting & picking fabrics, it comes from a personal point of view. Making sure things fit in all the right places to accentuate her curves."


What started as a small five-person operation, has become a brand that continues to rapidly grow and expand. When compared to its competitors, the Curvy Sense team is still fairly small, but we're mighty. We work diligently to transform the plus size market and provide women worldwide with trendy, quality, and affordable clothing. With so much accomplished in a mere 2 years of business, it seems the sky's the limits for Keisha Holmes and our team as we strive to put the plus size woman first.


  • Schyler

    I love this website ! They have beautiful clothes and shoes! :)

  • LaShan M Wallace

    I’ve been shopping with CS for atleast two years.. when I say this is pretty much the only place I get my clothes… I love how fast stuff ships.. everything fits pretty accurate. But u need to know your shape.. I learned I wasn’t shaped for certain things like some jumpsuits because my torsa is long…but I’m almost 5’7 260 with a really big bottom half.. pants amazing. Coats great. Dresses are fire.. I love them.. and being a big black women I love that I’m buying from a woman of color

  • Bonnie

    I ordered 3 face masks on 5-14-20 and received a confirmation email. On 5-15, I receive a “Your order is on its way” email with a tracking number. I keep checking status and the USPS has NOT received the package, even as of today! I have called and left message for Curvey Sense, I have emailed for order status with no reply. I called again 2 more times, and the rep keeps telling me it takes 3 biz days to leave warehouse, USPS must scan. Well, it’s been 5 biz days and my order has NOT SHIPPED. Why don’t you just admit you don’t have the product because of your contract for mask for Los Angeles and REFUND the charge to my credit card. Cards that charge interest, start charging immediately. This is the worst service I have encountered during our COVID-19 situation. Beware buyers, you may not get the product you pre-paid for! Outrageous.

  • Daisha Deans

    All the clothes are so gorgeous… But I’m afraid to buy. All the models are curvy and tall,but I’m like 5’3 5’4ish with big boobs, hips,and back end. Will the size be true for shorter ladies?
    I’ve my eyes on awhile lotta pretty peices my

  • Alison Shanahan

    I’m in Australia. I am 58 and have the “usual” post menopausal belly.
    I’m now a straight up and down 41 inch body with a 47" belly. I’m high waisted, basically my waist is under my boobs! I have those awful flaps under my arms, that don’t exercise away, not at my age. I have tried them all! I like the clothes but they are way too young for me. The cold shoulder look is dreadful with a saggy neck. It highlights the areas I don’t want looked at.

    This is a market that I think you are missing. The older woman who doesn’t want to wear a mumu and doesn’t want to look like mutton dressed as lamb. One of the most flattering dresses I have bought online came from Wish, can’t believe it myself! It was less than $20, including postage! A straight dress with a faux peplum top. It came in many colours, the top plain, the skirt patterned. The only problem with clothes from Asia is the sizing. Their xl is a size 6, they don’t have shoulders as well developed, we all swim before age 5 here in Australia, it’s a life saving skill as many people have pools or live near water. This means our shoulders are larger and wider than those cultures who don’t swim from an early age. All the islander nations are the same, they too have larger shoulders and are a bigger people altogether. I’m sure you must sell a lot of items to NZ as well as here.

    Thank you for reading my thoughts, I am happy to hear about your success. Forever 21 really shot themselves in the foot, firing you. That’s another company that makes dreadful clothes for larger ladies, especially when you are not an hourglass figure and are over 25.

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