6 Plus Size DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is nearly here, are you ready? We've got some great new arrivals on CurvySense.com that can be used for super sexy costumes, without those steep packaged costume prices. Just grab some accessories on Amazon or Party City, add a themed make-up look, and voilà -  instant hit!

Our US orders typically only take 4-5 business days, so take a look at these ideas, and shop before it's too late!


Curvy Sense Style: White "Velvet Cami Dress

Pair With: A halo and wings, or some bunny ears and a tail

Extra Tip:  Some other ideas, since this dress is so versatile: snow [wo]man, white cat, swan, or polar bear. 



Curvy Sense Style: Mustard "Kay Bee Jumpsuit"

Pair With: Sword

Extra Tip: Add some blood splatter, and bruises with make up, for an extra action packed look.



Curvy Sense Style: Red "Liquid Dominique Dress"

Pair With: Devil horns, tail, and pitchfork

Extra Tips: This dress also comes in black, if you love the look but didn't want to be a devil. 



Curvy Sense Style: Tan "Velvet Leopard Catsuit"

Pair With: Cat ears and tail, cat make up

Extra Tip: Leopard not your thing? No worries, we have a solid black "Catsuit Jumpsuit" that would also be purrfect! 



Curvy Sense Style: Black "Velvet Cami Dress"

Pair With: Black halo and wings

Extra Tip: Like the dark angel idea, but not crazy about wearing a little black dress? Try our Black "Faux Leather Catsuit" instead!


Feeling inspired?! Great! Be sure to take photos of your costume, post and tag us so we can take a look and repost you to our Instagram and Facebook pages.



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